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Economics research - this is what I used to do and shows how simple the layout is

Ozeconomics provides consulting services in property management, investment planning and real estate sales to private investors, business, the real estate industry, and government.

Ozeconomics' consulting is primarily directed at quantitative modelling in four research areas:

  • Pre-designed Tools for regional property investment planning
  • Design of education programs for property management and investment
  • Real estate economic data and analysis for public relations and promotional purposes
  • Commissioned research in property investment topics
  • Prepacked tools for property management and planning

    Ozeconomics has a series of prepackaged tools that can be used by real estate professionals and investor professionals for guiding the design of strategic plans for investing in property in regional areas. The Tools include:

    1. the Regional Property Market Monitor
    2. the Financial Performance Analyser
    3. the Small Property Investor Analytical Matrix

    These tools provide intelligence on the environment as it exists in a locale. These tools facilitate planning for prioperty investment on large and smaller scales.

    The Regional Property Management Monitor is a report generated from statistical data that provides a detailed analysis of how well a region or a city or a town is performing in terms of its pro[perty investment potential.

    Regions vary in their property investment performance and potential. The Regional Property Management Monitor measures how well a locale's property market has performed as well as it potential in the future.

    The Monitor is a simple yet sophisticated tool which provides an overview of where a region is and where it should go in order to improve property investment returns.

    The objective of the Financial Performance Analyser is to compare classes of investment across regions in terms of what type of property investment performs current and future expectations of business activity by industry in that town or region..

    An index can be compiled that provides an indication of the direction and magnitude of prospects across different types of investments.

    The Analyser is useful for local development planning as well as for individual investors and investor groups organisations wanting to monitor changing market conditions in across different locations.

    The Small Property Investor Analytical Matrix is a simple tool for guiding small property investors in determining the strengths/weaknesses/opportunities/threats associated with aplanned property investment in a region of loacle. The Small Property Investor Analytical Matrix measures two things:

    1. the prevailing opportunities and threats in a location, and
    2. the resources required for a successful property management plan.they have access to.

    When analysis is conduted, the small investor has guidance on where and when to invest, as well at the professional services and other resources that are available and/or need to be accessed.

    Economics and Education

    Ozeconomics provides education consulting services in four main areas:

    1. Process referencing for quality management on foreign campuses - Ozeconomics has designed a program called Process Referencing for International Distance Education (PRIDE). PRIDE aims to promote the ongoing development of Best Practices for Australian universities in how they operate on foreign campuses. Through collaboration, universities are able to compare and share information on what works and what doesn't in overseas operations.

    The PRIDE website also provides an expanding database of research into the Australian higher education export sector.

    2. Foreign campus auditing - Ozeconomics provides independent consulting audit services on Asian campuses for evaluating the integrity of foreign campus operations. Recent projects include an invigilation audit in Malaysia and classroom technology assessments in the Philippines.

    3. Foreign campus teaching in economics, finance and research methods - provision of face-to-face teaching services as well as electronic tutoring in economics disciplines. Ozeconomics has ongoing projects associated with provision of casual academics for Australian universities for deployment in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines and Singapore.

    4. Design of teaching programs and writing of teaching materials in specialist economics topics for distance education. Projects completed in the past include materials for diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate coursework in the fields of microeconomics, macroeconomics, monetary economics, policy, international business and more. Most recently, work has been done in developing teaching materials for supply chain management, including reconfiguration of a postgraduate university Supply Chain Management program.

    A sample is only available via our contacts page because of file size.

    Media and press releases

    Ozeconomics can provide expert economic comment and analysis for a variety of audiences and media consumption. A common format is the short form media release constructed from economic information, to meet the public relations needs of clients who need high-end economic content to match a promotional exercise.

    Short audio-visual presentations on matters of economic content can also be produced.

    Commissioned research in microeconomic topics

    Ozeconomics provides premium economic consulting services to business, industry, and government. Commissioned research can be conducted in economics and related sciences of demographics, politics and infrastructure analysis.

    Ozeconomics' consulting is primarily directed at quantitative modelling. Typical projects would include identifying and collecting relevant data, and via scientific processes, analysing to data to generate client-specific conclusions.

    Research projects can be scoped at the country, regional, industry, market, firm or local level.

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